Cheap vegan stir fry

This was last night’s dinner and I’m sharing it with you as it’s a complete myth that being vegan is expensive!

I estimate this cost about £1 per serving – what a bargain budget vegan meal and well tasty too and super quick to make.


Pre-packed stir fry veggies from the supermarket were £1.14 (for the two of us)

Noodles are 20p a packet (I used one per person)

A few tablespoons soy sauce

A cup of gravy made from granules

Frylite spray or a little oil to fry veggies in

Method (easy peasy):

Boil kettle for hot water for noodles to cook in and to make up a cup of gravy.

Stir fry the veg then add soy sauce (I add a few dashes or tablespoons – depends how salty you want your meal and you can always add more at the end).

Simmer noodles for 2 mins then drain.

Add your cup of made up gravy mixture to stir fry and mix through.

Have a taste to see if you need to add more soy sauce.

Plate up your noodles and pop stir fry on top.


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