Donut miss this vegan craze!

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There’s a bit of a craze sweeping the Exeter vegan community at the moment – so I thought it was my duty to investigate – for you of course. I am totally selfless as you know, especially when it comes to vegan donuts!

Thanks to the lovely Megan (above) from The Marble Kitchen for letting us sample some of her simply stunning vegan donuts recently. As you can see from the photos on here and please do check out more on Megan’s Instagram account they really are the most attractive eye-catching pieces of work and tasty too!

Megan says “I’ve been baking for years! Years and years, it’s always been a passion of mine – I just love to feed people! My mum is an incredible baker, makes the most wonderful wedding cakes and I have definitely been inspired by her growing up. But doughnuts, I gave them a go for the first time about 1 year ago. The first ever flavour I whipped up was a matcha custard stuffed donut! An acquired taste but I love matcha in everything!

 I asked Megan about how long she’s been vegan and she told me “I’ve been vegan for about 10 months. A minor health scare triggered it for me, so I thought, well let’s put myself in the best position to not have this happen again and come back on me, and do what’s best for my body by cutting out animal products. The effect it’s had on my energy levels, my skin clearing up and my hair no longer falling out, are just a few things I attribute to my diet change, so why would I ever go back?! The environment is a really big focus for me too, after being so blissfully unaware for so long on the affect of livestock farming on the planet, I’d like to think I can do my bit by not contributing to it.”

….and plans for the future? Megan adds “I actually started out with cakes! My cakes have always been incredibly over the top, and covered in macarons, chocolates, sauces, meringues, you name it, it’s on it! But I’ll be bringing my OTT macarons and dipped pretzel sticks back to the Exeter Vegan Market in September. I’m trying to keep my donuts seasonal, so expect your pumpkin spice/chai latte flavours for autumn! You can also expect personalised giant pizookies (pizza cookies!) and loaded brownies to make an appearance on Instagram which will be available for private orders.”

I asked Megan where we can find her “At the moment, I’m just booked in for the Exeter Vegan Markets so it’s fairly exclusive! However, I’m super delighted that Rabbit Cafe will be taking the occasional order of dough, so keep an eye on my Instagram for dates. Fingers crossed this time next year, we’ll be selling them in our very own vegan coffee shop/ ‘brunchery’ in Exeter! Naturally, everything will be Marble and covered in gold glitter!”

Thanks again to Megan – trying out her lovely donuts was a real treat and I wish her so much success with her beautiful creations and her passion for it all too – it just shines through. Pop over to Facebook now and see Megan’s latest designs.

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