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If there’s one thing I try to avoid whenever I can, it’s cleaning the house!

Like many parents, I just about keep on top of the day to day stuff – picking up toys (over and over again!), a bit of dusting, vacuuming and general tidying etc. A few months ago when my youngest turned three, I did start to notice that this surface cleaning I was doing just wasn’t cutting it. So I began (a long) search for a cleaner to help me tackle some of the extremely overdue deep cleaning needed in my house. I just couldn’t face it alone!

After several false starts, I was recommended a vegan cruelty-free local cleaning company here in Devon called Supernatural Cleaning Company. Fellow vegans Cate and Rob were able to come in at really short notice when another cleaner pulled out last minute.

Cate says “We offer ethical plant based cleaning in Exeter. It’s all non toxic and zero waste. We believe that we have been sold a lie that mass produced chemical based cleaning products are applied and do all the work for us. We find citrus, white vinegar, borax and the correct tools to do the job is what is really required.”

“We clean for landlords, tenants, students, end of tenancy cleaning, home buyers and office cleans. We have a couple of clients who find the chemicals and artificial scents in factory made products make them sick, they welcome our plant based products with essential oils such as lavender refreshing.”

So Cate and Rob worked miracles the morning they came to do my kitchen and are booked in again next month. They were beavering away when I was on the school run and I returned to the most refreshing smell of their natural cleaning products. Cate says “The products are made in our kitchen and are plant-based and vegan.”

All the fronts of my white kitchen cupboards were glistening, the floor was sparkling and there were windows I could suddenly see through! The guys also transformed our downstairs WC which was in dire need of some attention. It’s given me the incentive to do a bit of painting in the kitchen now and add more plants, and generally take a bit more pride and I enjoy being in there more too now.

So we’re delighted to have a special offer for our Super Savvy Vegan readers of a Half price fridge clean! The normal price for a fridge clean is £15.00 but it’s just £7.50 as part of a first cleaning booking. Just mention the blog when you contact Cate on 07595 743010 or via the Supernatural Cleaning Facebook page.

Here’s an embarrasing photo (below) of my hob top before the Supernatural team arrived at my house…

And here’s the finished result – you can’t see it but the red splashback was very oily and grubby and now it’s like a mirror! Thanks so much Cate and Rob. Can’t wait for you to get another room transformed when you come back over to ours next week.

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Please do get in touch if you’d like me to review your vegan goodies & here’s my disclaimer bit – we received a couple of hours free cleaning (on top of our regular cleaning we pay for) in return for this review but we must stress these opinions are 100% our own. We actually turn down offers for products or services we would not be happy to recommend to you our lovely followers!



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