How to save money – five top vegan bloggers share their tips

Since I started up my new blog in February 2018, I’ve found some other amazing vegan bloggers spreading great info about all aspects of veganism and the plantbased lifestyle. As my blog is focused on saving money and creating extra cash, I’ve asked 5 of these cruelty free creative types to offer us some gems of frugal wisdom. Thanks so much to them for taking the time to offer their top vegan money saving tips.

Buy cleaning products in Poundland advises Amie from The Curvaceous Vegan. Amie says “In terms of cleaning products, I shop in Poundland for mine. I use the Astonish range (pictured above) and honestly it’s the best, works better than anything I’ve ever used and saves you about £3 on the non-vegan range and is without the cruelty. Shop in discount stores like Savers or Poundland – you can pick up so much of the Astonish range in there. They even have the vegan society logo on the back of their products so you can be sure they’re cruelty-free.” 

Buy products from the world food aisle in the supermarkets says Siobhan Gale from Vegan Babe Life blog. Siobhan says “Spices and tinned goods are much cheaper and usually in larger quantities in the world food aisle. Pulses and spices are kitchen staples that you should always have in your cupboards. For example chickpeas are only 40p a can in the world food aisle in Sainsbury’s!”

Use a food cooperative

Use a food cooperative is the suggestion from Vegan in a suit. Derek and Patrycja who co-write this blog based in Dublin say “We joined a local food cooperative and buy some things in bulk. We only buy what we need and we take our own containers so we’re not paying for packaging. For example we buy our 100% fairtrade coffee beans, turmeric, black peppercorns, nuts and dried fruit and it’s all organic!”

Lentils are my top tip says Sheila who writes the blog Vegan Dubby“Lentils are versatile, packed full of protein, fibre and iron and they’re delicious. You can make soups, dhals or use them as a replacement for mince. They are also incredibly cheap. You can buy a kilogram for less than £2, proving you don’t need meat for iron or protein.”

Shopping local can save you money says Emma from Canny Food“Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t still support small independent businesses. I find my local fruit and veg shop is better value for money than the supermarket, and is especially good for those looking to cut down on plastic use and waste. Look out for bargain bins, too.”

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14 thoughts on “How to save money – five top vegan bloggers share their tips

  1. These are all fantastic tips. I also get Astonish cleaning products. They are so cheap and all the ones I have tried are really effective, especially the stain remover for clothes.
    Shopping in local Asian shops are a great way to save money. You can pay around £2 for a tiny jar of herbs or spices in the supermarket but in these little stores you can get bigger sizes for pennies. You can usually find cheap tofu and other meat substitutes.

    1. Thanks so much for contributing Siobhan. I’ve tried Asian supermarkets too but only found tofu for about £1.50 but it was a big pack. You’ve reminded me to go back and try some other places – I love tofu!

  2. Have you ever tried making your own tofu? I did it once but made too much and it ended up going to waste, so haven’t done it again, but I might give it another go now! It’s so much cheaper than buying it and not too much of a faff 🙂

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