Saving cash when you’re already broke

I’ve been thinking for ages what to write, here….on day one of my new blog! I have so many ideas for this new exciting adventure, I feel like I have to tell you them all at once…which of course is silly! I’m just impatient to get started. So here it is – Super Savvy Vegan. My new ‘baby’. I hope you like it.

So….what, why and how? Ok so I decided a few months ago to start saving….for a deposit to buy a house (probably the tiniest house in the world but anyway…) to get us out of the ridiculously expensive private rented sector with extortionate rent that sucks out our souls every month and leaves us penniless. My other half Dan thought I’d lost my mind (again – it happens quite regularly!). “How are we gonna save if we don’t actually have enough money each month to live on?”

Good point Dan. But let’s not let that defeat us….there has to be a way. I’m a big fan of climbing impossible mountains. So we do a household budget and find that yes….we do spend more than we bring in (more on that in the future) but I also start looking into the many (and there really are hundreds if not thousands) of ways you can not only save money but make an extra income. I’ve been trying a few of these out the past few months and I’ll start reporting back on them in future posts so you can try the things that work and waste less time on the utterly pointless ones (oh yes, there’s lots of those!)

So there’s a lot of money-saving sites out there but really not much around that fits our vegan lifestyle – and we all know how ridiculously popular plant-based diets are becoming right now (which is great of course). So my plan is to bring you lovely fellow vegans (and anyone else who has popped in for a nosey) ideas, advice and lots of little gems of inspiration to help you save and/or make some extra dosh. I think we’ll learn from each other as we grow!

So there it is – my first post. As for how you can help….I am looking for an illustrator or cartoonist to design my logo so if you know anyone do get in touch. I’m also keen to hear from any vegan suppliers and manufacturers who want to promote any of their delicious goodies on here. I’m planning discounted offers, competitions and more and already chatting with some of our favourite vegan brands…watch this space!

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