So free Plamil Chocolate Review & Giveaway

I think I may have mentioned my deep and undying love for chocolate before….during one of my many chocolate giveaways on here, Facebook, twitter and Instagram or maybe when I was visiting Exeter Vegan Market or was it when I was reviewing heavenly chocolate cake or off-the-shelf dreamy chocolate desserts!

So you get the picture, I like chocolate and I’m soooooo pleased to be doing another vegan chocolate giveaway now * so THREE of you get to try Plamil’s new range of So free vegan chocolate. Read on for your chance to win some vegan chocolate!

All of the chocolate Plamil makes is dairy free and gluten free and made in their own ‘no nuts’ factory. Their latest range which I was incredibly lucky to sample is completely vegan using 100% plant power! The range includes Certified organic and Fairtrade bars. I was also impressed to find out that they are all ethically made by Plamil with renewable energy. Go Plamil !

Now I could talk about chocolate until the cows come home (to a loving lifelong vegan sanctuary!) but I don’t imagine you’ve got all day so here are the highlights through the taste buds of me and my family.

There are 11 varieties in the range and my absolute favourite was the Espresso Dark Chocolate. The smell was incredible from opening the packet and the taste simply sensational. I also really liked the Organic Perfectly Dark 72% Chocolate. It was creamy and delicate. If you don’t usually like dark chocolate then this one is for you.

I have grown to appreciate orange flavour in chocolate as I’ve got older and the So Free Tropical Orange Organic Dark Chocolate is delicious. Plamil have been making organic chocolate for over 15 years and it’s great to see that several bars in this range are organic. There’s also Hemp Seed Dark Chocolate which tastes very earthy and Milk Chocolate which my kids loved. The White Chocolate was not too sweet like so many white chocolates. The Cool Mint Dark Chocolate smells sooooo minty when you open the packet. I preferred the taste of the Intense Mint Organic Dark Chocolate. Really rich and grown up. Perfect with a cuppa and a good book!

You can buy all of these delightful bars of wonderment either direct from the Plamil website or from places like Holland & Barrett and a range of online ethical superstores.

You can enjoy one of these three 35g bars of So Free Chocolate below simply by adding a comment below telling us which of the three bars you would most like to win. Our giveaway ends at midnight on July 31st 2018 when we’ll randomly select three winners. It’s open to anyone inside or outside the UK. One entry per person.

*This competition is now closed. The winners randomly drawn from all valid entries are:

Mary Walker


Amber Baxter

Thank you to everyone for entering.

We received complimentary products in return for this review but we must stress these opinions are absolutely 100% our own. Thanks again to Plamil. 

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99 thoughts on “So free Plamil Chocolate Review & Giveaway

  1. Finest Dark Chocolate would be my choice out of these three (and I’ll definitely be looking out for the Espresso one) x

  2. I would most love to win the finest dark chocolate; I usually go for dark chocolate, but I am always happy to try all kinds of chocolate occasionally for a change. 🙂

  3. It’s close but I think the dark mint just wins over the dairy milk alternative. My fingers are crossed!

  4. My son has decided to make the transition from veggie to vegan. I’m already vegan so am obviously over the moon. He loves milk chocolate so I would like to win this one for him. If I’m lucky he’ll let me have some too.

  5. As a vegan newbie, I’m still finding my feet.. and searching for a tasty milk chocolate alternative! Help a sister out!

  6. Ooh hard to choose, but I’m a die hard coffee lover so it has to be Espresso for me. Plamil products all the way!! X

  7. Definately the mint flavour! It has the dark chocolate i like plus the mint that maybe my boys will like (and the husband) my 7 month old cant have dairy and i bought some dairy free little coins and let him have a taste….which he clearly liked and my 3 yr old didnt even notice any difference. 😀 i will be looking out for the expresso flavour for myself for sure!!! #tiredmama

  8. Mmmmm what a great review. The chocolate that I would love to win would be the Dark Espresso, the white chocolate and the mint🤤! Funny enough my partner and myself have tried the “so free orange” chocolate before, I did have to question whether I was in heaven or not!!!

  9. Ooh mint chocolate… Drool, makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream – which I have yet to find a vegan version of! 🙁

  10. I’d love to try the milk chocolate alternative. I’ve never found a vegan chocolate that I like, can’t believe I didn’t see these at Exeter Vegan Market yesterday, it was busy and I was shopping with small children!

  11. The Tropical orange bar is my pick! I came across Plamil for the first time 4 years ago while on vacation in Berlin. The Veganz grocery store stocked it. I got the chocolate orange sauce and it was amazing! Sadly you can’t find it in the US.

  12. The cool mint dark chocolate for me please. Love minty goodness and since going vegan I have a new found appreciation for dark chocolate.

  13. I loved choccie-mint in my pre-vegan days, so I’d like to sample this version which I’m sure is infinitely better… 😉

  14. I think I’d like to try the the Tropical Orange Dark Chocolate….if I had to choose! Secretly, I’d like to try them all! 😜

  15. Most definitely intrigued by the hemp seed chocolate! How you described the dark chocolate has already made my mouth water and we need more espresso choc!!

  16. I would love to win the milk chocolate as that’s the chocolate my kids love the most. I’m a lover of all chocolate so all of them sound amazing and I’m definitely going to be on the look out to buy them!!

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