The Big Kebabski – vegan kebabs in Devon

There are really no words to describe my latest vegan find here in Exeter but I will give you 6 to start with. You can choose whether to read the whole blog post or just do this…


Ok so unless I’m succeeding in hypnotising you right now, you might be asking for a bit more detail and that’s fair enough. So would I.

So. After hearing a bit of a buzz going round, I was lucky enough to be invited to sample some vegan kebabs and burger from Exeter based The Big Kebabski. Great name right.

Lovely happy vegans Justa and Luke (taking time out for me to snap them below) started up the street food business quite recently and every time I look at their Instagram feed (see below) they’re posting that they’ve sold out at yet another event! It seems vegans and non-vegans cannot get enough of their kebabs. And now I’ve tasted them I know why.

I want to waffle on and on and on about the incredible taste explosion, the crunchiness of the salads, the meatiness of the seitan, the floury softness of the wraps, the zinginess of the sauces…the colours, the smell, the freshness, oh my…but you really just need to know where to get them and go – just go. Please go!!!

Follow The Big Kebabski over on Instagram or Facebook to see where they’re gonna be next. I met them at the regular Exeter Street Food event at Piazza Terracina (near Clip ‘n Climb) on Exeter Quay. This takes place during the summer months but they are also doing events in Totnes too and they do some music festivals. Their dream is to open a kebab shop in Exeter which I think would do incredibly well.

I nearly forgot to mention their vegan burgers (above) are totally awesome too and I heard a rumour they’re about to add something new to their range.

And finally – if you’re still with me (you still there?) you get a Super Savvy 10% off your order if you show the guys the discount voucher at the bottom. Not bad eh!

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3 thoughts on “The Big Kebabski – vegan kebabs in Devon

  1. I tried one of their delicious kebabs today at Totnes Good Food Market (making a special trip from Plymouth after reading your review!).
    Their food really was as good as you described. It was very popular and there was a huge queue of people waiting to be served. I also made use of the 10% off voucher, so thank you for that 🙂

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