Top 3 apps to make money from

So you’ve got a bit of free time and you’ve got your smartphone. Let’s make some money!

Here’s 3 ways I’m currently earning extra and you can too.

You Gov Surveys

Yes I know I said the dreaded word surveys! I’ve been trying a few out over the past few months and some take forever to make any decent money or get enough to cash in your vouchers (often for Amazon or cash via PayPal). I’ve only recently joined YouGov but I’m already really impressed at how quickly I’m earning points and I actually quite like their surveys. They’re not boring like so many out there. You can also refer friends to join and earn extra points so please do use my referral link if you’re going to join. That way we all help each other. Enjoy!

Job Spotter

I absolutely love the Job Spotter app and I do actually earn from it. All you do is take photos on your phone of job ads in windows and upload them to the app. You can easily earn a few pounds just walking round the shops in your local town. You get more for independent shops than stores and cafes on the high street. You’re paid in Amazon vouchers, the lowest amount I’ve cashed in was just £6 and they send through the voucher by email really fast. Use the vouchers for essentials or treats or save them for your Christmas shopping!

Receipt Hog

This is something you just get into a habit of doing – taking a quick photo of each receipt you get before you throw it in the recycling bin. I’m finding Receipt Hog really easy to use and each time I add a receipt my points add up. You can earn extra points in different ways too like connecting to email and Facebook. You choose to cash in your points on PayPal or Amazon.


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