Vegan Discount Directory

Looking for discounts from vegan and vegan-friendly businesses? Look no further – here’s our vegan discount directory where you can get the vegan products you love for less and try new and interesting vegan delights whilst saving money too. Our discount page is also a great place to promote your vegan or plant based business or service and reach more new customers. Get in touch today if you have an offer to add to the list!

Vegan Cafes & Restaurants

Bianca e Massimo in Totnes is offering Super Savvy Vegan followers a free coffee with a vegetable or pasta dish before 6pm. Check out their Facebook page & show them this page to get your free coffee!

Vegan Cakes & Bakes

Lottie’s Vegan Bakery are giving you 15% off online orders

Okeside Cottage Cakes are offering 10% off their cakes which you can order & collect in Okehampton, Devon

Vegan Street Food 

10% off vegan kebabs (and more!) from The Big Kebabski (Exeter area)

Vegan Skincare 

20% off vegan skincare and vegan candles from Sirius Therapies

15% off soaps, shampoos & more from The Natural Spa

Vegan Services

Check out our blog post on Exeter’s Supernatural Cleaners for a special offer for our readers.

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Please do get in touch if you’d like me to review your vegan goodies.