Vegan Lockdown Survival in Exeter (UK)

Hello all. I hope you are well in body and mind and getting through these strange, unsettling times the best way you can. I thought it was time to use the blog to share with you all the places we’ve either used or are hearing about that you can get vegan food either in person or delivered here in Exeter.

We have been ‘at home’ now for 5 weeks. We took our children (18, 14 and 3) out of school a few days before the government decided to close them and we have not been into a shop since then.

I’m so grateful for my allotment at the moment, as not knowing how long this situation will last, I can get growing more veggies. I’ve also got pots planted up at home in case I can’t get to the allotment for any reason. I’m also busy admin-ing the Swap plants, produce & seeds in Exeter Facebook page.

So here are the local businesses delivering vegan food in Exeter that I know of – please do add your own comments on here too with others that you know of and I can update this list. Businesses seem to be starting and stopping delivering depending on their own stock availability and how busy they are plus the sole traders are having breaks when they need them so I can’t guarantee they will be delivering when you contact them.

And remember – each time you order from these guys, you are supporting their businesses and helping them to keep going. Plus how hugely grateful are we to those people helping who are basically keeping us and our children fed. Thank you to all of you – in every shop, restaurant and every single delivery driver and postie and farm worker pulling up the veggies from the ground. Thank you x

The Big Kebabski – the most amazing vegan kebabs (above) you’ve ever tasted – check out my blog on them from August 2018 and get your order in today!

Healthfoods Unlimited Exeter – these guys have a shop by Exe Bridges and are now delivering all your healthfood staples like wholefoods, plant-based milks, dried fruit, pulses and grains plus treats like vegan mayo and chocolate. We messaged them via their Facebook page and rang to pay by card over the phone. The kids were over the moon to get a delivery of vegan marshmallows and ice cream!

J&R Foodservice Ltd is a local wholesaler who like many businesses has adapted it’s model to start doing retail doorstep deliveries here in Exeter. Sign up for your account here. We like their good value veg and fruit boxes and you can buy bulk flour and frozen items too if you have the space to store them. They also do a limited range of plant based milks and bread and vegan sausages.

Seasons vegan store are offering both a call and collect and a home delivery service. Check out their Facebook page for more details on how to get your hands on all your favourite natural foods – including a wide range of organic products, wholefoods and superfoods – plus hard-to-find vegan ‘junk food’ products; fresh fruit and veg; loose herbs and spices; chilled items; baked goods; natural toiletries; eco household products and so much more.

How on Earth were getting ready to open their vegan deli when Covid struck. But they soon got mobilised to deliver their home made goodies and we really enjoyed a delivery of delicious vegan cheese, seitan ‘beef’, vegan bacon and southern fried vegan chicken (below). Here’s their Facebook page.

Regency Wines responded to my post on their Facebook page the other day asking which of their wines were vegan by creating some vegan white and red wine boxes for delivery. Great stuff.

Bernaville Nurseries have started delivering a limited range of items for the garden – see their website for details.

Urban & Rural Plants is offering a delivery service of plants, seeds and sundries. All the details are on their website.

I would also like to add how fantastic our new local residents group has been. We limit our visits to shops and deliveries by combining orders collectively like flour and compost. If you haven’t got one yet in your street then why not start one. All I did was hand write little notes with my mobile number and pop them through my neighbours doors. We now have a Whatsapp group to all keep in touch with each other plus we help the older neighbours not on Whatsapp by getting them the things they need.

Don’t forget to add your comments here – how are you getting food and essentials at this time? What are you missing that you can’t get hold of? Have you started growing your own food or baking and cooking more?

You might also want to join our friendly Super Savvy Vegan Facebook group which welcomes folk all over the world. Iā€™m also on twitter and Instagram.

Stay safe everyone.

Sharon xxx

3 thoughts on “Vegan Lockdown Survival in Exeter (UK)

  1. Hi Sharon. Brilliant info thank you! Just to let you know we are doing contactless deliveries of all our goodies around Exeter and across the country too. Baked one day and on your doorstep the next. Best to visit our Facebook page Bakes in a Box is the service and there is a menu posted weekly. Our website should be up later this week. At the moment orders by direct messaging. Thanks again let me know if you need more info. Patrick

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