Vegan (not) fish & chips @Exeter Cavern

Finally got my chops on the vegan (not) fish & chips at Exeter Cavern yesterday. An eyecatching plate of food and very tasty too. I was offered vegan coleslaw when I said I didn’t want the mushy peas which I don’t like!

Can’t believe this hearty meal is just a fiver. What amazing value for the super savvy vegan! The ‘fish’ is battered tofu although I think you can choose battered vegan halloumi instead.

The coleslaw was lovely and I think my free refillable cup of tea (with soya milk) has to be one of the best cuppa’s in Exeter. It’s a cool chilled out space in the Cavern – great to meet up with friends or indulge in an all day vegan breakfast or just catch up on some blogging which is what I was doing.

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