What to grow in August?

Got some space in the allotment since pulling up my potatoes (pictured below) yesterday.

What’s good to sow now – mid August in south west England? I’d love some ideas so I can save money on buying fruit & veggies. I love flowers too but I’m usually too much of a Scrooge to buy them for myself. I’d love to hear from you so please do add your comments below. Thanks x

I’ve had my allotment here in Exeter for 18 months now and even though I don’t get to spend that much time there as I have my toddler to care for, I love every moment I’m there, rain or shine.

I’ve grown blueberries (above) this year and spinach (below) as well as potatoes for the very first time.

But I’m most proud of my gorgeous garlic strung up in my kitchen meaning I don’t need to buy any garlic probably into the new year! And yes – it tastes better than any I’d buy too.

I have just planted beetroot, dwarf beans and lettuce but I still have lots of space to plant more. Any ideas?

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