Worshipping at Sacred Grounds (Review)

I was lucky enough to be one of the very first customers to sample Exeter’s new vegan offering – Sacred Grounds…

We’d watched it coming to life on Instagram and it was cool to finally be able to visit. It’s tucked away in McCoys Arcade on Fore Street in Exeter.

It was a really friendly welcoming atmosphere and so beautiful – it will attract a lot of people just because of that but what’s the coffee like!!?

Yep – it’s good coffee, so tick that box. What about the food? Well here’s the breakfast/brunch one of my friends had which she said was lovely. It’s the Smorbrod 2 – sourdough topped with potato, roasted garlic aioli, crispy fennel, avocado, soused cucumber and apple.

Another friend went for the extremely tempting waffles – this is the sweet version with maple roasted apples and whipped vanilla coconut cream!

And finally here’s my choice – I went for the Smorbrod 1 which is sourdough with slow-roasted tomatoes and shallots, kale and sunflower seed pesto, basil cream cheese, roasted squash and kalamata olives. It was totally scrumptious, the pesto is gorgeous and the little dots of cream cheese heavenly. This is one of those dishes I’ve actually been dreaming about since! It was a taste sensation and how satisfying is that – to find that something that looks so visually appealing also delivers on taste. Well done Sacred Grounds!

So those of you who know me know I can’t often go somewhere without trying their cake. This is a little breakfast muffin. My friends loved it but it was a bit too flowery for me.

So if you’re plant-based and in or near Exeter, free up some time to go worship and you won’t be disappointed. It’s quite cosy inside but there are more tables out on the arcade. I went again last Sunday morning and tried the hot chocolate and a scrummy brownie (yes I know chocolate overload – what of it?!) and there was such a good Sunday morning vibe.

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